After a quite big expression of interested to take part in the Sailing league,
SWC committee have made a decision to register 2 teams for the sailing league.
We have one spot guaranteed, and,second spot might be granted based on the ranking.
To be able to compete in the Finnish sailing league as HSS, all team members need to be club members by 31.03.2023 (this is a Finnish Sailing League requirement)
A internal HSS Yacht Club qualifier will happen at:
2nd August Wednesday racing in Elliot class, spots for the sailing league will be granted based on the result of that regatta.
To be able to take part in the qualifier the team needs to register via manage2sail.com for the 02.08.2023 HSS wednesday race regatta as well as send a email to: Michal@helsinkisailing.com, (in this regatta boat booking priority will be given to teams taking part in the qualifier)

By 15 july 2023 in a format:
1. registration to Sailing League qualifier
a) team Name
b) team Skipper
c) crew names
Since Elliot is a 3 person boat, the 4th team member for the sailing league can be drawn from all HSS members ( registered in the club before 31.03.2023)
For members training at SWC, the entry fee for
the Finnish Sailing League will be partly subsidised by SWC.
More information about the amount subsidised to be announced later.
Sailing league dates:
18.–20.8. Mariehamn, ÅSS
1.–3.9. Lahti, LPS
22.-24.9 Espoo, ESF
more info about: format, rules, costs, rankings can be found: