HSS Board 2023 – Julia Koivula, Sailing and Windsurfing Center

My passion for sailing began at an HSS beginners’ course in August 2021. Since then, I’ve become familiar with Sailing Center’s Laser16, Elliott 6 and J70 fleet, but also delightfully many club-members – and their boats. I’m especially happy and proud that I’ve already gotten to participate in the renowned offshore race Gotland Runt, where we managed to win the Swan Classic-class with s/y Antama.

My love for the sea and fascination with both inshore- and offshore-racing has also lead to an interest in the club and its affairs. On the board my task is to represent Sailing & Windsurfing Center. SWC is a multicultural, social and active group of sailors of varying levels. I want to make sure SWC and the club can offer inspiring and exceptional activities, in an environment where everyone can feel at home and advance in the sport in their own way – where a sense of belonging and community are important.

Outside sailing I’ve studied philosophy and film studies in the UK and Denmark, and am currently working in the fintech industry. During the summer you can usually find me on Liuskasaari, but you’re also welcome to contact me at jikoivula@gmail.com