HSS 130 years Champagne Regatta – Baltic Classic Masters August 18th – 20th 2023

The 13th Champagne Regatta in 2023 is celebrating the Helsingfors Segelsällskap (HSS) 130th anniversary. The regatta begins on Friday the 18th with the 6 metre nationals and will be followed by starts in all other classes on the 19th and 20th of August. HSS wishes all sailors and Yacht Clubs welcome to our main anniversary event at HSS!

The regatta will be followed by the 130th anniversary party at the HSS restaurant on the Liuskasaari island outside Kaivopuisto in Helsinki. The festivities start with a Sailor’s party on Friday the 18th and will be followed by the 130th anniversary dinner at the HSS restaurant on Saturday. The social events are organised in collaboration with the Helsinki Festival’s Art Goes Kapakka happening. Art goes Kapakka is included in the HSS anniversary program and will simultaneously take place at several neighbouring restaurants in Merisatama. The full social program will be announced shortly.

The regatta is open to all boats in the classes: 5m, 5,5m, 6mR, 8mR, Dragon, Star, Hai, SK22. These classes will sail on a windward leeward course south of Liuskasaari. All other classes will sail on an archiprlago course: Other Skerry Cruisers, A-boat, H-boat, Folkboat, S&S, Swan, Baltic Classic Masters Boats. The Champagne Regatta is one of three regattas in the Baltic Classic Masters series www.sailtrust.org.

In particular, HSS wants address the regatta invitation to the classes that historically have either conceived or strongly endorsed by the club: The SK 22, Hai, 5.5 and H-boat classes.

Participating boats will berth at the HSS marina. There will a maximum of three and a minimum of two races per day. The warning signal for the first start will be at 12.55 pm on Friday the 18th and at 10.55 am on other days.

Notice of Race and party
Social program
Racing Areas (coming soon)